Black Is Beautiful


     Don’t be ashamed of what God gave you. Honestly it can be tough going natural. Some people are going to question why you would want “nappy” hair. Believe it or not those tight coils are also called curls.  We have to walk with our heads held high as a minority. People can hint when your uncomfortable with yourself. Why should they accept your hair when you don’t. Be proud of who you are, and love yourself completely.



Daily Hair Growing Tips


1. Always keep your hair moisturized.
   -Water is most important (Do not use water based products if your hair is straightened.)
   -Leave in conditioner (Choose the best for your hair type)
   -Oil (castor,coconut, olive, ect…)

2. Use fingers or a wide tooth comb.
   -Try to avoid combing through hair unless it’s needed.
   -Check the strands of hair to see if it’s shedding or breakage. (Not all shedding is bad)
     (A white bulb at the tip means shedding, no bulb is most likely breakage)

3. Wear a night-time head wrap while your at home.
   -This gives your hair a break from styling, and sunlight.
   -You can lay on it, and it keeps your style looking fresh.
   -Always sleep with head wrap to prevent tangles and breakage.

4. Co-Wash
   -Wash hair with a conditioner
   -No lathering shampoos

5. Be Gentle
   -No matter how healthy your hair is be careful when managing it.
   -All the strands in the brush add up!

6. Try to avoid damage
   -No heat, coloring, tight pulling, or chemical

7. Nutrients
   -Drink plenty of water
   -Take vitamins if necessary