I had nice length hair when my hair was relaxed. One day I got tired of it. I thought to myself, “Why did I ever get a perm in the first place”. Most of our mothers automatically relaxed our hair at a certain age. The rest of us begged our parents to let us get a perm. At that age all we knew were ponytails and borets. Now I’m 19 and I wish I never knew what a perm was.
     I have spoken with people of other races who thought that our hair couldn’t grow long. Of course we know that is completely false. Most of our hair doesn’t get as long as we would like, because we damage it with perms, tiny braids, tight styles, and poor care. And the ladies out there with long hair are accused of wearing weaves, because we are known for extentions as well.
     I’m not stating that women with relaxers can’t have long healthy hair. I know for a fact that it is possible. My mother is not biracial, and her hair is waist length. The truth is all hair grows, but keeping it on your head is the challenge.